2019 Colin Caird Shield GF: Meet the Teams – Eastern Suburbs




Eastern Suburbs 2nd grade head coach Ed Brenac takes us through his 23 man squad for today’s Colin Caird Shield grand final showdown against Sydney University…




1. BO ABRA: A young gun already representing Australia in the U20’s World Cup this year. Technical in scrums and a very strong ball carrier.

2. DYLAN WOODS: A new age hooker, with the work rate of a backrow, the skills of a flyhalf, and the speed of an outside back. He had an unlucky start to the year with injury. Part of the 2018 2nd Grade team.

3. JAMES KING: A tough and versatile young prop who is able to play both sides of the scrum. Also known for his 30 metre breaks and being strong over the ball. Part of the 2018 2nd Grade team.

4. NATHAN BRENNAN: The Clydesdale of the team. After spending a few years playing in the sewers, Nathan has seen the light and joined Easts this year, and has never looked back. Averaging 50 hit-ups a game, no player will spend more time with the ball in his hands.

5. JACK DIGBY: Rumoured to be the love child of Rocky Balbao and Ivan Drago, he is strong, fast, agile and hits hard. Jack made a late start to the year but is really making up for lost time.

6. TOBY STARKEY: When he’s not sipping lychee martini’s or chai lattes, this guy is getting it done. Like a thief in the night he is stealing the ball in lineouts and rucks, and doing all the hard work in defence. Keep an eye on the white head gear to see just how valuable he is.

7. DEAN OAKMAN-HUNT: After a tough season of injury, Dean has been Mr. Now-You- See-Me, Now-You-Don’t.  He is a mobile footballer that has all the abilities to make a difference in a big game. His footwork pre-contact, and the power to get through a gap could be a game changer.

8. SAM CALLOW: Sam left the dark side at the Rats for a new challenge. He is a true good old fashioned country boy but don’t be fooled by his friendly smile. He is hard as nails and runs like a bull.

9. ANGUS FOWLER: Although relatively new to the set up of Sydney rugby, Gus has settled extremely well. His electric pace to get the ball away, and passes that are on the money, have earned him a few starts in 1st Grade. More to come in the future.

10. COHAN GUERRA: The leader. The voice. The spark that will light the way for his team to follow. A 10 that will throw all 75kgs into everything he does.

11. SAM FOGARTY: The experience of this speedster will not go unnoticed in today’s game. Playing out of position, Sam is someone that you grab onto his coat tails and go with. Blink and he’s gone.

12. DAN ENGLAND: The old head in a young body. Dan is a calm and instrumental part of this team. Ball handling, defence, off the tee. Dan has it all.

13. JORDY HEYER: Since seeing the light, Jordan has made a massive impression in the club. Taking on every challenge and playing everywhere in the backs he gets asked, this versatile back is smooth on and off the field.

14. DAN DONATO: First in and last out, Dan’s work ethic is second to none. Whether it’s getting through extras or helping another get better, Dan is one player who we are privileged to have in our squad. An excitement machine.

15. WILL MADDOCKS: Born and raised on the fields at Easts, Will is everything a club needs, with passion for the shirt and the players in it. His knowledge of a rugby park and his exceptional skillset has earned Will a contract with the Australian 7’s. Player to watch.


16. JACK NETTLETON: Set-piece perfect. He can put the ball on a 5c piece in the lineout, and scrums as well as any prop in the business. Still young with plenty of promise for the future.

17. OFA FAIANGA’ANUKU: No player will have more experience on the field than this Tongan international. Strong & aggressive defence is a trademark.

18. ANDI LAWRENCE: A strong and experienced front-rower. He had a strong start to the year, and after a sabbatical as a lumberjack he is back for the finals and ready to play.

19. WILL NICHOLLS: In his first year of grade, he has made a big statement with his physicality and aggression. He has a raw ability, power, and can seriously move as an athlete – especially in the air!

20. ARCHER GAVIN: After a mid-season transition from the centres, he has never looked back and never looked more dangerous. Despite all attempts to break the mould of the Gavin name, he is playing career best footy at No.8. Ruthless in defence and evasive in attack, but thankfully he got his mother’s looks and skills.

21. JAYDEN WRIGHT: In no way reflected by his nickname, this halfback is able to hit like a hammer and turn you over in a second. Controlling the game is what he does.

22. JAMES FIELD: Having missed the semi-final through injury, this utility back has the skillset of a 10, and the size of a back row. He uses both to get the job done.

23. TODD WINKLEY: Todd is lump of a man who is poised with any challenge, and will 9 times out of 10 come out on top. Don’t let his millionaire looks and charm deceive you.







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