An enforcer and a gentleman: Here’s to you, Rob Horne (Part One)

There are certain moments in a life of watching live sport that just stick with you. In terms of rugby, the more obvious ones are usually an exhilarating try, a derby win, a memorable grand final performance and the trophy celebrations that follow, or a prop going 50 and diving home to the shock of everyone including his or her self. But in such a collision sport, the truth is that nothing quite gets the heart racing, or the crowd squealing with delight, like a brutally beautiful bell-ringing tackle.

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Derby win has re-ignited the Eagles and their coach

The haunted look of shock and confusion was writ large over Darren Coleman’s face. You see, his team’s simply don’t lose by 50pt margins, so when asked after Wednesday night’s derby win over the Sydney Rays to reflect on what exactly had happened the previous weekend in Mudgee, when the NSW Country Eagles had fallen by the reprehensible scoreline of 62-7 to Melbourne Rising, his genuine look of bewilderment in trying to fathom the reasons why, was somewhat understandable.

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