2017 Grand Final: Meet the teams… Northern Suburbs

Simon Cron

Northern Suburbs head coach Simon Cron takes us through his 23 man squad for tomorrow’s Intrust Super Shute Shield grand final showdown…

All photos by Clay Cross / SPORTSPICS

Norths GF_1_2_3

1. EZRA LUXTON: Huge workrate, strong set-piece, brilliant tackler, great on-baller and ball carrier.

2. SAM KITCHEN: Does his role in the team really well, carries into contact hard, can open up his outsides and is a great chop tackler.

3. LAWRANCE HUNTING: Has fast linespeed, strong set-piece, a hard shoulder punch in his chop tackle, excellent pass and opens up the outsides really well as a tighthead.


Norths GF_4_5_6

4. HUGH SINCLAIR (VC): Massive workrate, he can knock out 20-plus tackles in a game and ball carry at the same time. He’ll be everywhere on the field, he’s strong and has a really good rugby brain – a smart footballer.

5. CONNOR VEST: Good linespeed, big workrate, can go on-ball, strong carrier into contact and hits a lot of rucks hard.

6. GARY BAUTZ: Massive workrate, great linespeed, strong in contact, big ball carrier.


Norths GF_7_8_9

7. WILL MILLER (C): One of the toughest players in Australian rugby I believe. Extremely skilful and very quick, which means he is a real threat in our attack. A natural leader, who has very good tactical and technical knowledge, and is brilliant on ball.

8. MICHAEL WELLS: Obviously a massive asset for us. He’s very quick, has great ball skills and is a huge tackler in combination with exceptional line speed. An all-round athlete with a really good rugby brain.

9. NICK DUFFY: Lightning quick around the field, a big game player in terms of mentality, a very good communicator and is a threat in attack while also strong in defence.


Norths GF_10_11_12

10. ANGUS SINCLAIR: Awesome game manager, beautiful ball skills, has a great chop tackle and he will lead the team around the park. He can open holes and go himself when it’s on or create space for others.

11. LOCHIE CREAGH: Probably one of our best at the breakdown, never goes down easy in the first tackle and is deceptively quick. Runs good lines and is brilliant defensively.

12. HARRY BUREY: Defensively very strong, great timing and shoulder punch. Strong ball carrier and distributor. Technically very good and doesn’t make mistakes.


Norths GF_13_14_15

13. CAMERON CLARK: Explosive, powerful athlete, beautiful ball skills and is a threat both in defence and attack. Hard to defend and if you don’t get your footwork right he will open you up!

14. RICHARD WOOLF: Lightning quick – give him half a metre and he’s gone. Will catch anything in the air when we’re competing and has massive x-factor. Also great defensively and continues to show this in finals footy.

15. AUGEY SLOWIK: Comes into the line well, has great timing, ball skills and footwork and a good communicator. Can also chew up a lot of metres with kicks.



16. EVAN PRITCHARD: Big workrate, tough, uncompromising and will go for 80 minutes if required

17. DAN MURRAY: Strong set-piece, good engine, good rugby brain and knowledge and will go hard in contact.

18. ALAIN MIRIALLAKIS: Strong set-piece, good linespeed, chop tackle, work rate is high and brings a tough mentality to everything.

19. JAMES BROWN: Dynamic, strong, powerful and explosive athlete. Can open holes and is a very mobile lock.

20. LEON AKOPIAN: Good chop tackle, great footwork in contact, hard to put down and will go all day

21. HARRY EMERY: Strong defensively, good pass and quick around the field.

22. BLAKE MURRAY: Lightning quick, doesn’t make mistakes and does everything well. Massive workrate.

23. KEPU LOKOTUI: Dynamic athlete, great footwork, very strong defensively, deceptively quick


Northern Suburbs: 1. Ezra Luxton; 2. Sam Kitchen; 3. Lawrance Hunting; 4. Hugh Sinclair; 5. Connor Vest; 6. Gary Bautz; 7. Will Miller; 8. Michael Wells; 9. Nick Duffy; 10. Angus Sinclair; 11. Lochie Creagh; 12. Harry Burey; 13. Cameron Clark; 14. Richard Woolf; 15. Augey Slowik Replacements: 16. Evan Pritchard; 17. Dan Murray; 18. Alain Miriallakis; 19. James Brown; 20. Leon Akopian: 21. Harry Emery; 22. Blake Murray; 23. Kepu Lokotui


And a big shout out to Nick Palmer, Ben Matwijow, Michael Smith, Irae Simone, Bryce Hegarty, Angus Ta’avao and Con Foley, who I’m sure would all love to be taking part for the Shoremen tomorrow if they had the chance, but for different circumstances will be cheering the boys on from the stands, or from afar.

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