2019 Jack Scott Cup GF: Meet the Teams – Randwick Magic

Photos: SPA Images and Brett Dooley, but mostly supplied. Please let me know and I will promptly credit.


Randwick Magic will line-up in the Jack Scott Cup Final tomorrow for a chance to lift the trophy in their inaugural season in the competition. They take us through their matchday 25 in alphabetical order for the showdown against Sydney University…


Randwick Magic_1_2_3

KATALINA AMOSA: Giving her older brother a run for his money. Persistent in all areas of her game, AKA ‘Kitty Kat’, she leaves nothing in the tank but brings fuel to the fire when needed. Yet another young gun to watch out for!!

TATUM BIRD: AKA ‘Big Boy Larry’. She may be small, but she will confidently take on the biggest girl on the field. Her deadly vision in attack is her point of difference. Her #2019EuroTrip saw her miss a few games mid-season, but she is back better than ever.

IMOGEN BREEN: Imogen’s work rate is second to none. Her go-getter attitude drives the team forward (literally). Her courageous efforts on the field keep the experienced on their toes. Another young gun making moves.


Randwick Magic_4_5_6

KENNEDY CHERRINGTON: Can be a tad cheeky on and off the field. KC is a jack of all trades – a prop and back in one. She is the ultimate duo to watch out for. Not only is she a speeding wrecking ball, she dominates the field and takes the full 70 minutes head on and leaves no gas in the tank.

ZALI DYMOCK: Her passion for the game goes unnoticed. You can count on her to be at every training and every match. A dangerous and consistent winger to look out for when in space.

AALIYAH FA’AMAUSILI: Being a dual code athlete, remember this name and expect big things from this young one. Deadly and dangerous are just a few words to describe her. Taniela Tupou wouldn’t even want to run it straight.


Randwick Magic_7_8_9

RYSHE FA’AMAUSILI: At only 16 (one of the babies of the team), she has slowly come out of her shell, yet she is one of the most consistent players in our team. She hits hard, is tough as nails and isn’t scared of anyone! Watch out for this one in a couple of years!

HELEN FONOKALAFI: The first Randwick father-daughter duo!! This season has been massive for this hard-hitter. Don’t underestimate her size, she can hit and ball play to clutch for her team.

GEORGINA FRIEDRICHS: Cool, calm and collective. AKA 2019’s Biggest Keyboard Warrior. Our skipper no doubt leads by example on and off the field. She brings a massive point of difference with her incredible turnovers and defensive efforts.


Randwick Magic_10_11_12

TIA HINDS: The silent assassin. A girl of few words, but full of smiles. If you ever need a job done, this girl is your go to. She is the next generation coming through in women’s rugby. Exciting times ahead!

AMOHIA HIROTI: Always providing the giggles and smiles. ‘Amo’ gives her brother a run for his money too. She comes off the bench, yet is a massive impact player. She never seems to disappoint with her strong runs and carries.

JANINE HORAN: Also her first year of rugby, and a well-respected team member. We are so proud to see this one improve every game this season. She humbles the team by inspiring the youth to keep working hard, and overcoming your fear of trying something new.


Randwick Magic_13_14_15

EVA KARPANI: Although late to most trainings and games, her nickname the ‘K-Train’ lives up to its meaning. You’ll be on a one way journey via Eva-Airways Express trying to stop this beast. She is a special link in our team, bringing the family culture that is the difference between our team and the rest of the comp.

AKIRA KELLY: Footwork of doom. She’ll have you breaking your own ankles as soon as she touches the ball. Unpredictable with pure raw talent, with a side of cheekiness to her. She’ll have you on the edge of your seats when involved in play.

JADE MATAPUKU: One of the OG Magic Girls from way back. Can always guarantee she’ll be looking pretty fine on and off the field. BUT – don’t be fooled by her good looks, she’ll hit you just as hard.


Randwick Magic_16_17_18

ARABELLA MCKENZIE: The newest and cutest debutant of the 2019 Wallaroos Squad –  #175, is back with game-changing experience and knowledge. Her leadership and guidance will be a massive point of difference this weekend. She brings our team together like Randwick and Magic.

CLAUDIA McLAREN: Always forgetting to bring something to training, whether it’s her boots or training gear. But she NEVER forgets to bring that smile. Has been a try-scoring machine this season, we can’t wait to see a few more this Saturday!!

MONIQCA MO’ALE: ‘Monz’ is all about the energetic vibe, and brings the distinctive loud chat to our squad. Unassuming with the ball, this girl is exciting to watch. Her incredible strength and pace will make you ‘Woah’ instantly. A meat pie or two this Saturday? I think yes.


Randwick Magic_19_20_21

LAYNE MORGAN: ‘Layno’ can break the line and find space out of nowhere, and she’s reliable with ball in hand. Fit, fast, agile, and will keep you on your toes if you blink twice. P.S… she’s one of our backs without a kicking license.

DARCIE MORRISON: Her distinctive long plait is what you’ll see of her on the field. She has speed to kill and is a tackling machine. Her second efforts and guidance of the back three have become a vital part of our team this season.

CATHERINE SAMUELA: Bubbly and cute, yet small and explosive like a grenade, you don’t know where she’ll pop up on the field. Her confidence in the game has grown, thus becoming an important part of our team in set-piece moves.


Randwick Magic_22_23_24

ONEATA SCHWALGER: You will never tame the beast in this one, her hair on field during the game proves it. A former Wallaroo who leads the way with her experience, mongrel, and massive hits! Always an excitement to watch.

ANNABEL STOJANOVSKA: Although in her first year of rugby, Annabelle is challenging the stereotypes that ‘Props can’t kick’. Don’t underestimate her bubbly personality on the field.

MAREVA SWANN: An exciting player who’s explosive and ready to rumble 24/7. Another dual-code athlete who’s ready to stamp her name and make a statement. At only 17 she’s making money moves!


Randwick Magic_25

BIENNE TERITA: ‘BB’ is no doubt a bit loud and clumsy at times, but you can’t deny she is a weapon on the edge with the tiniest bit of space. She’ll have you eating her dust for the full 70 minutes. One of the highest try-scorers this season, no doubt you’ll see a few more added to the scoreboard this weekend.



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